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Showcase your business at exhibitions & events with a Roller Banner

Showcase your business at exhibitions & events with a Roller Banner

Roller-banners are an ideal way to promote your business at meetings, exhibitions and trade shows, being durable and light-weight. Recently I have started to produce these banners for local businesses so they can showcase their brand. The banners are 80cm wide by 200 cm in height – and are printed on 300mic polypropylene – which is a very strong and flexible plastic material. You even receive a complementary carry-case for your banner!

A roller-banner is ideal for:

  • Introducing people to your business
  • Promoting discounts or events
  • Providing information about your business
  • Showcasing your brand

I will design the graphics for your banner, print your banner, and deliver your banner all for a single price – the turn-around is usually 72 hours but can be as quick as 48 hours depending on printing deadlines.  You may wish to check out the following blog post for examples of roller-banners that I have previously designed.

You can opt for a single sided roller banner for a traditional look that is often seen at exhibitions, or you can go double sided to provide more of an impression if you’ve got people coming at you at all angles. For the double-sided banners,  I provide the option of having the same design on both sides, or a separate/different design on the back than the front.

Single Sided Roller Banner – £99.95  Double Sided Roller Banner (Same Artwork) – £149.95  Double Sided Roller Banner (Different Artwork) – £179.95


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