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Instructions on when to pay...

My Simple Payment Schedule for Website Creation

In the first instance, it may seem compulsive, but I’ll be very specific with detailing the agreed brief with you. This makes sure that we are both on the same page and will avoid any issues during the development of the site. Once we are happy with the planned look, content, and functionality that you want from your website, the first invoice will be sent to you.

The invoice will cover 50% the total agreed fee and enables me to pay for your domain name, set up the hosting, and obtain any templates for your website.   This also pays for photography, and any modules required too.

Upon completion of the website, you will be required to settle the balance. Any accounts or access will not be provided until the balance is complete – this includes email addresses, FTP Access, Control Panel access, or your Management Console.

Sometimes, things change…

I completely understand that when a website plan is agreed, half way through you may all of a sudden think of a new feature that you want from the website.  If it is a quick job and requires minor tinkering, there will be no increase in the fee.  I do not inflate prices unnecessarily – it is one of my Core Values that I will always honour – however, if the changes needed will require a significant amount of time – a fee will be agreed, at which point an invoice will be raised.

How do I pay?

I accept payment via BACS or Credit/Debit Card via a secure payment link, which you will be sent.

Hosting Fees

As time goes on – there will be charges for hosting of your site.  For the first year, you will be provided with free hosting on my Ultimate package.

After the first year, I will invoice you for a second year of hosting according to the level of usage – ie: if your level of disk-space is minimal, you will be moved on to an appropriate tier rather be charged the “Ultimate” price.  You are however welcome to transfer your website to another provider, which I can assist with.

What Happens If I Don’t Pay?

A 14 day window is provided on all hosting and development invoices. If payment is not made, here is the process:

  • Invoice Due Day – A reminder is sent to you detailing the need for payment.
  • 7 Days Late Payment – A second reminder is sent detailing the need for payment.
  • 14 Days Late Payment – A final reminder is sent detailing the need for payment.
  • 21 Days Late Payment – A watermark is placed on your website with the Website Right logo, to see what this will look click here. Your site will still be active and navigable.
  • 28 Days Late Payment – If your website is hosted by Website Right, your website service suspended, and a backup will be taken. If your website is hosting externally, all development work carried out will be rolled-back .

Extra Fees

Once I have completed a website for you, there will be no extra fees to pay.  For minor occasional maintenance jobs, as a gesture of goodwill, I will be happy for these amendments to be covered by your hosting fee (which for the first year is free anyway).

However, if you require any changes which require a longer amount of development time, there will be a charge – but in the first instance, we will point you towards making the amendment yourself – but if you’d rather I make the changes for you, a price will be agreed.

Just So You Know…

WebsiteRight will not be held responsible for any damages resulting from a delay in service provision or from any hosting downtime caused by technical difficulties that are out of our control.

WebsiteRight will endeavour to provide an excellent service and as such will do everything within my capability to maintain an online presence for my clients.

WebsiteRight reserves the right to amend this Payment Schedule from time to time at my discretion. Any changes made in such revision take immediate effect once the Client is notified of such a change.

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