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Secure Your WordPress Website from Vulnerabilities with a Full Security Audit

Secure Your Wordpress Website from Vulnerabilities with a Full Security Audit

Locking down your WordPress website from hackers should be considered a priority for all WordPress users, especially those that store customers details and take transactions online. For this reason, it is advised that you should regularly test the robustness of your install, looking for security holes, vulnerabilities and exploits – securing your site and fixing them.

When I started on my journey of creating websites for people, sadly, I overlooked my own website in the haste of trying to keep my clients happy. To that extent, I did not take the precautions to ensure my own pages were protected and as a result I got scammed out of £200 by a simple WooCommerce hack which I didn’t spend the time fixing and securing.

As a result, I brought in a hosting and security expert to assist with fixing errors and to give me advice on the best ways to lock down your website and I subsequently learned the different techniques that hackers use to exploit a website . The methods they use is absolutely astonishing.

Some of the ways I now protect my website include the following:

  • A full detailed Malware scan of all pages of your website (looking for iFrame injections, erroneous Javascripts, and functions.php exploits)
  • HTTPS/SSL Certificate installation, ensuring that all insecure file and path references are eradicated
  • Analysis of your plugins and themes, checking for nulled scripts.
  • Comprehensive check of list of WordPress users and passwords, ensuring all password strengths are strong
  • Changing of the WordPress Admin URL away from the default
  • Endpoint firewall scanning
  • Blocking of malicious IP addresses.
  • Protection from brute force attacks by limiting login attempts.
  • Comparing of core files with what is in the WordPress repository
  • Checking your content safety by scanning file contents, posts & comments for dangerous URLs and suspicious content.
  • Enabling two-step authentication.

With a clean bill of health for the website, and the peace of mind that I possess a website which is robust and secure, I have now started to offer this as a service to my clients for just £149.95, who in turn are benefitting from the realisation that they have a protected website.

Upon completion, you are provided with a comprehensive report which lists the vulnerabilities, and how they have been fixed. After the service, your website will be more secure and can provide peace of mind that your data is safe, and payments on your site can processed without worry.

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Due to the dynamic nature of a WordPress environment, this service does not guarantee exoneration from attacks and exploits. Responsibility cannot be taken for WP users, third-parties plugins and integrated themes of which content and code can change without warning.


I am fanatical about providing useful web experiences, via bespoke websites which engage, inform and entertain. I have been making websites since a young age, and am a keen supporter of AFC Bournemouth.

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