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Monitor your live website visitors and communicate whilst they browse!

Monitor your live website visitors and communicate whilst they browse!

Being able to use text chat is a service that is used increasingly often online.  I recently wrote a blog about Why Live Chat Is A Must For Your Business which details the advantages of having such a system across your pages.  My one-off service will help you get it set up on your site, and tailor it exactly to the surfers who’ll be visiting your site.

First things first – in order to be completely transparent about it, if you know you can add live chat to your website, you can do it for free.  You’ll be provided with some Javascript, which you will then need to insert into each and every page on your website, however, if you have a site which has a universal header and footer, you’ll be able to drop the code in there, and it should work for you.

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As part of my service, I will perform the Live Chat installation for you, which includes signing up to the service, getting the relevant code, and then making sure it is placed on your website so it is visible on every page.  I will subsequently ensure the following:

  • The Live Chat is branded to your website colour scheme
  • A tailored trigger message will appear after X amount of seconds, enticing users into a conversation if they’re stuck
  • Ensure that the Live Chat does not clash with any other fixed site elements (like Click to Call buttons, cookie directives etc).
  • Establish set “opening hours” – meaning you don’t get bothered with chats on your site in the middle of the night.
  • Set whether to accept emails outside of chat hours or just do not show chat at all.
  • Omit certain pages from showing the chat (if required)
  • Set up Live Chat for you on your mobile phone (it is a downloadable app)
  • Ensure that Live Chat is constantly on your computer (Windows or Mac) so that when you log on, you’re available for business
  • Set up Departments and different members of staff to manage incoming chats

This is a one-time service which costs £39.95 with no on-going subscription, and simply pays for the time it takes to get the service up and running on your website.

Get Live Chat Installed On Your Website


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