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AEG Prints – Printing and Branding in Southbourne, Bournemouth

AEG Prints - Printing and Branding in Southbourne, Bournemouth


ften a company who already have a website will come to me asking for assistance in rebranding and refreshing their website.  AEG Prints, an established printing company in Southbourne, Bournemouth – had an existing website, but were looking to improve their look, speed up their site, and get more enquiries via a mixture of online sales and telephone orders.

After an analysis of their site, I spoke to Managing Director Austyn Greenfield, recommending a number of actions which would improve the search performance and speed of their website, without needing to have a complete overhaul from scratch.

AEG Prints


Improve Landing Pages

AEG Prints wanted to rank well for different types of clothing, so re-designed landing pages were created for each niche.

Site Speed Improved

I took over the hosting of their website, and now it flies - no over-reliance of bulky plugins, plus StackCache caching.

Live Chat

Live Chat was an early recommendation, as printing is not a simple ``see it/order it`` process, it requires a lot of pre-amble.

Mailing List Building

Building a mailing list was a priority, so an exit pop up was put into place, as well as sign-up forms in key areas.


A superb array of testimonials had not made it on to the website, so I made sure that potential visitors could see how good they are.

Mobile Friendly

Making the site look 100% on all devices was a must, so the site was re-jigged and made responsive (Google loves responsive sites!)



Increased user interaction, more enquiries, a growing mailing list, and a happy customer!

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Very happy with it! We will look for some more revamp work after the summer to keep the website fresh and up to date! Would 100% recommend them, and we will continue to use them going forward.

Austyn Greenfield
Austyn Greenfield


I am fanatical about providing useful web experiences, via bespoke websites which engage, inform and entertain. I have been making websites since a young age, and am a keen supporter of AFC Bournemouth.

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