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How to bag yourself the perfect FREE Domain Name for your business or group

How to bag yourself the perfect FREE Domain Name for your business or group

Choosing a domain name is the starting point for any potential website, therefore it’s important to make sure you pick the right one for your business or organisation!  In this article I’ll be pointing you to my brand NEW Youtube Channel which will detail how you can bag yourself a UK domain name for absolutely FREE, however firstly, it’s vital that you choose the best one  – so here are six tips that will help you on your way.

1. Make it short and snappy

You don’t want anything too long, as when you’re reading it out over the phone to someone, you need to reduce the margin of error that could happen through making them type something overly extensive. Shorter domains are memorable and roll off the tongue much better – and do remember, your email addresses will utilise your domain too, so the shorter the better! It should also be emphasised that you should avoid homophones – that is, words which have multiple spellings – for example, to, two and too! Hyphens are OK to use, however are just a mouthful to say verbally – therefore avoid these if you can.

2. Go for a if you’re based in the UK

There has been debate over the years over whether addresses rank better than a .com domain – through my own testing, they do – marginally. It also reaffirms to your customers instantly that you’re a UK based company. However, if you feel as though you need to protect your brand somewhat, you may find that having multiple domains is the way to go – therefore feel free to go for the .com too! Google’s main algorithmic factor is the server speed. Latency alone will determine that UK based servers will be faster for your visitors from the motherland – so if you’re based in Great Britain and Northern Ireland and you don’t want a – then make sure that your server at least is sat on UK based hosting!

3. Check that your domain has not been trademarked

Your name may be John Lewis and you might want to sell electrical items, however if you purchase, you *might* well land in a spot of bother with our favourite Elton John loving department store.  Also, if your purpose in buying a trademarked term as a web address is to actively to confuse your punters – then you’ll be landing yourself in hot water. Do your research first. A good place to start is the business information pages over at Companies House.

4. Research your keywords using Google Trends

If you are going for a generic name that doesn’t include the name of your business – like B&Q for instance (their address is – it’s worth working out which of your keywords you should use for your domain by finding out which is the most searched. For instance, B&Q could have used, however I’m betting that if you compared the search volume of those terms (in the UK at least), “DIY” would leave “Home Improvement” a long way behind! Similarly, if you sold toys to the youth of today – would you know whether kids is more popular term than children’s?

Google Trends is part of the suite of tools that Google provides which can compare the searches for two or more terms. Utilising the word with the higher search volume could well prove to work out better for your search engine optimisation than using the lesser used term.

5. Check if your domain has matching “handles” or usernames available on Social Media

If you want your company to have the same brand across all social platforms, check the domain you want is available across the networks. So look at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc – and see if your @name is available.  There’s nothing worse than having different usernames (or handles) across your different social profiles – and also, do remember that Twitter does have a character limit on their usernames too!

6. Don’t fall for the hosting/website builder/email up-sells!

When buying a domain name, if a company does offer both domains and hosting, they may try to persuade you into using their hosting service or push you into using their own website builder. You do not have to do this. You will need hosting, but you don’t have to use their builder or email services! Here’s more information on domains, DNS and nameservers that goes deeper into this topic for you.

What about the FREE domain name?

Well, I’ve created a brand new Youtube channel recently where I aim to share my knowledge with you, therefore I’d really appreciate it if you could subscribe to my channel, which is available by clicking the link below! The video gives you a bit of background on the six tips that I have already provided, plus the description of the video contains the magical link that you need to get the FREE domain name! You lucky people!

I know some of you may not have a Youtube channel or particularly want to watch a video in order to find out the special link which provides with with the free domain name, so kudos to you for scrolling this far! As a reward, below I have given a couple of links which will help you get what you need!



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