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Listing your properties separately on your estate agents website? Stop!

Listing your properties separately on your estate agents website? Stop!

Recently, I have spoken to a number of estate agents who list their properties on Rightmove or Zoopla, but then have to manually list them on their website. This is madness!

The two aforementioned sites (and others) now allow you to dynamically link in your own properties on to your website, which saves so much time and hassle! Your properties can appear on a beautiful responsive map, full of information, and will synchronise directly any time you take a property off the market or adjust it.

I am currently developing a website for a local estate agent which is utilising all the rich features of WordPress, twinned with some incredible plugins, which all come together to create a powerhouse of a property portal. The functionality that the website is going to boast includes the following…

Searchable Criteria

Allows your visitors to refine their search by many filters, including bedrooms, price, area, and more.

Constantly Synchronised

Any time you update Zoopla or Rightmove, your website will adjust too, saving you doubling up on work.

Digital Downloads

Ability to integrate property data from Alto, VebraLive and Encorelive, Jupix, LetMC, Premise and CFP too!

Total Functionality

Upload your floor plans, EPC’s, room information, a complete photo gallery and a whole lot more!

How I Get Your Estate Agency Website Purring

The set up of these sites is not as complicated as you might think, and I can get you up and running in no time!  Click the icons below to see the process that is carried out to get this time of website off the ground.

Analysing Your Site

Presuming that you have already got a website (don’t worry if you don’t), I’d do a full analysis on your existing site, and chat with you about whether you’d like to start afresh with a brand new look, or try to integrate the properties on to your current site.  Within my considerations, I’ll also take the following into account…

Is your website responsive?
Is it search engine friendly?
It is fast enough?

Is the site easy to use?
Can visitors find what they need?
How does it rank in Google?

If your existing site can be adapted to include the live properties, then I’ll get to work getting things set up for you. If, however, it will be very tricky to set up with your existing platform, I may suggest moving to a brand new system.  Don’t worry, there wouldn’t be any downtime, I’d just develop it in the background for you.

Developing Your Estate Agency Website

Built for the Visitor

It is important that your website is built with the visitor in mind . -they need to be able to find what they are looking for and contact you quickly and easily.

SEO is vital!

Each of your properties will have it’s own separate page, and I need to be making sure these properties appear for the type of house it is, the area, the amount of bedrooms etc – as these are the type of things people will Google!

Deciding Your Filters

Your estate agency may just sell bungalows, or you may only take on properties with certain criteria, so rather than use a one-size fits all solution, I’ll tailor the search based on what you need people to refine.

Getting Interaction

It’s not good having a beautiful website if it is impossible for the visitor to contact you. I’ll make sure it is designed in a way that makes it obvious how they can enquire about a property or send you a message about it.

Using Fresh Content

On Site Content

Having an active blog is essential for any website, as this content is utilised by Google, which classifies your site for the words you use within the article. I can help with content, but will also train you how to post these.

Easy Maintenance

I make your website in a way which makes is child’s play to edit various sections of your site. Whether you want to remove a filter, add a category, upload an image, tweak the colours – this functionality comes as standard.

Building a List

It is so important to build a newsletter with all of the people who interact with you, so we can help you build lists split into buyers, renters, budgets, and a whole lot more, so you can hit them with targeted content.

FREE Live Chat

Live Chat is so important when it comes to having a site, as people know that you’re an active company, forward thinking, and there’s someone there who can answer any queries or give you a call back – it’s a must, and it’s provided free.

Continued Support

Holding Your Hand

Once I’ve done your first payment, the floor is yours. I will show you the ropes of using your website, but am always on hand if you have any problems or concerns.

Helping Get Traffic

Whilst all sites I build are developed with SEO in mind, Rome wasn’t built in a day – and consistent work is needed to get your site ranking well. If you need help with that – I can assist!

Analysing Patterns

I can assist with analysing your traffic, see how they find you, work out where they are dropping out, and can help you refine the funnel of turning your visitors into clients.

Perhaps Say a Few Words…

If you like your website and are happy with the end product, then I’d be delighted if you could review my work – as this helps me attract new clients and keeps me nice and busy!


I am fanatical about providing useful web experiences, via bespoke websites which engage, inform and entertain. I have been making websites since a young age, and am a keen supporter of AFC Bournemouth.

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