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Accept bookings from your clients quickly and easily

Accept bookings from your clients quickly and easily

Do you work in a profession whereby have a calendar based system to take bookings.  Whether you’re a beauty therapist, a chiropractor, a hairdresser, a dentists, or you do private tutoring (to name but a few) – you will all be using an appointment system.  

How good would it be to show your live calendar online and allow your visitors to see your availability, book online (either with or without payment), and then fill that slot?  Well, good news – as I can create just the site for you.

Hair & Beauty

Let visitors find your free slots, choose their service, and pay online (or pay when they get there).

Chiropractors & Medical

Determine the time period of all of slots offered, so for medical professional, it may be a shorter window.

Online Consultancy

Get clients to choose their slot, how they want you to contact them & book a session, paying in advance!

Private Tutoring

If you do extra tutoring, you’ll want to block out your calendar on regular school days, my system can do that for you.

How I Get Your Appointment Website Up & Running

Firstly I will need to learn about your business, how you operate at the moment, and how you would like to run operating with your new site.

Discovering Your Business

The first part of my analysis would involve having a thorough chat to you about your business and see what kind of appointment based website you’d like to have.  There are lots of considerations when it comes to building a site like this, so it will be important I can as much information from the off including:

Average appointment length
Appointment frequency
Number of staff

Want to take payment online?
Flexible booking slots needed?
Any existing calendars to sync with?

If you have a website already, there is the possibility that I can adapt your own portal to include an appointment based system, and if that is the case – then I’ll get to work getting things set up for you. If, however, it will be very tricky to set up with your existing platform, I may suggest moving to a brand new system.  Don’t worry, there wouldn’t be any downtime, I’d just develop it in the background for you.

Developing Your Appointment Website

Built for the Visitor

It is important that your website is built with the visitor in mind .- they need to be able to find the services and book the appointment with you  quickly and easily.

SEO is vital!

For each of your services offered, it should have it’s own separate page – this is important for Search Engine Optimisation. For example, you’re a salon owner, I’d recommend having separate pages on hairdressing, massage and nails etc – and I can link in your calendar on each one.

Your Booking Calendar

Depending on the service that your visitor books, the length of the appointment may vary – for instance, a cut and colour will take a longer time than a nail appointment – therefore I’ll design the system with this in mind.

Availability Calendars

Once a visitor lands on your website, it is ultra important that they can check the availability of a given service or member of staff.  They can then book any free appointments online – either by reserving or paying with their card, thus removing the need for disturbing telephone calls.

Synchronisation Is Key

Calendar syncing

If you have an existing in-house system for appointments, you can show live availability on your site, and any bookings will instantly iupdate your in-house system, meaning no dreaded double bookings!

Staff Alerts

Once a calendar appointment is booked, the system can then synchonise with an individual staff members Google Calendar, which will then show up on their phone – meaning they’ll won’t need to be constantly ringing up to find out when they’re next needed.

Getting Repeat Business

Do you ask for users emails when clients book? If not, start now, as you can start building a list! I’ll also make your website collect email addresses to, so you can periodically mail out some amazing offers to potential clients.

Coupon Codes

You can offer people money off their appointments via coupon codes. These codes can be pumped out to forums like MoneySavingExpert, where people realise that they’re saving money by using it, however – you’re the one who is truly benefitting – as you have got a full calendar!

Continued Support

Holding Your Hand

Once I’ve overseen your first appointment being booked, the floor is yours. I will show you the ropes of using your website, but am always on hand if you have any problems or concerns.

Helping Get Traffic

Whilst all sites I build are developed with SEO in mind, Rome wasn’t built in a day – and consistent work is needed to get your site ranking well. If you need help with that – I can assist!

Analysing Patterns

I can assist with analysing your traffic, see how they find you, work out where they are dropping out, and can help you refine the funnel of turning your visitors into guests.

Perhaps Say a Few Words…

If you like your website and are happy with the end product, then I’d be delighted if you could review my work – as this helps me attract new clients and keeps me nice and busy!


I am fanatical about providing useful web experiences, via bespoke websites which engage, inform and entertain. I have been making websites since a young age, and am a keen supporter of AFC Bournemouth.

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