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How to Upgrade WP Bakery Page Builder for WordPress 5.0 Compatibility with Gutenberg

How to Upgrade WP Bakery Page Builder for Wordpress 5.0 Compatibility with Gutenberg

Recently there has been an update to WordPress to version 5.0, which features brand new editing capabilities. These updates are part of a wider vision to make the software move towards a more intuitive site-building experience rather than a “blogging platform with bolt-ons”.

Obviously,WordPress already leads the pack in terms of market share, so it is anticipated that the new version may cause a plethora of issues for website owners worldwide. The Gutenberg editor will not suit everyone, and to date, there are over 700,000 installations of a Classic Editor plugin which disables the new block based interfaced in favour of the “old-school” methods.

The upgrade is also causing havoc for other major plugins, one of which is WPBakery Page Builder. Previously named “Visual Composer”, this plugin is used by millions to create beautiful and easy-to-use websites, however if you haven’t got the latest version of the plugin, you will have a major problem. The following video explains…

If you have the plugin installed and have a valid license, then great, all should work Ok and you can upgrade with no issues.  However many people may have purchased their theme through third-parties like Themeforest, which may have bundled the Page Builder plugin in, however does not include a license for it. To this extent, we have a problem, as if you click “Update” you will be greeted with an error! Therefore it is advised users Purchase a key from WPBakery.

If you have a license for the software but for some reason you’re unable to update the plugin via the relevant section on WordPress, you may be better off removing and re-installing the plugin.  Similarly, any clients of Website Right will also be able to download the latest licensed copy of the software in order to carry out the following instructions (simply get in touch with me to receive your download).

Instructions on how to upgrade WPBakery Page Builder

  1. Please login to your WordPress website admin
  2. On the left of the admin system, click Plugins
  3. Please find the Installed plugins and locate a plugin called “WPBakery Page Builder”. Hover over it and click Deactivate.
  4. On the following page, scroll down and find “WPBakery Page Builder” again, and click Delete.
  5. On the subsequent screen, click Add Plugin at the top, and then on the next page click Upload Plugin
  6. Upload your file in WordPress
  7. And click Activate!

And you’re done!



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