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Save Hours With The Bulk Nameserver Check Tool

Save Hours With The Bulk Nameserver Check Tool

As a web developer, I have been involved in many migrations of multiple web sites from server to server. It’s quite a complicated process, especially if the sites that are being transferred are constantly being used and processing orders. Not only that, if the web sites you host all have domains which sit inside umpteen registrar accounts, you can understand why transferring from A to B is not necessarily plain sailing!

For this reason, there is a great tool I’ve discovered which will enable you to upload a list of of domains – and then it’ll come back within a minute or two, with the name-servers that each of the sites entered are using. Therefore, if you’re not sure if a number of your domains have propagated yet, or just just going on a final check to make sure everything is pointing where it should be, you’ll probably find the Bulk Nameserver Check Tool very helpful.

I have found it to be an excellent resource, and one that I will certainly be coming back to again and again. Some of the people that have used the tool certainly agree too!

Very useful tool for checking which domains are pointing to which server πŸ™‚ Saved me a load of time deleting old accounts and consolidating servers.
Simon Pilkington

Wow! This tool works awesome for checking large of amounts of domains. Especially handy for cPanel and WHM migrations.
Greg Beddor

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